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Nepenthes veitchii x platychila (female, RC). 1. The exact plant from which these cuttings were taken.

1. The exact plant from which these cuttings were taken.

Nepenthes veitchii x platychila (female, RC)

I’m selling rooted cuttings from one of my best plants. Originally from Borneo Exotics, this N. veitchii x platychila is not only one of the most vigorous and easy-growing plants in my greenhouse, it’s also stunning. As you can see from the photos, it produces very large pitchers with elaborately flared and striped peristomes. It’s also a confirmed female, and has reliably flowered for me annually for the last 4 years. Be sure to read my profile of N. veitchii x platychila.

I have some rooted basals for sale, and a rooted vine which is already starting to produce uppers. This specimen would make a great centerpiece in any collection.

To learn more about the requirements of hybrids, see my Nepenthes Interactive Guide, or - for more general cultivation advice - my Tropical Pitcher Plant Growing Guide.

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