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Nepenthes veitchii × lowii

Description & Care

A classic and spectacular hybrid! This cross - and the reverse, N. lowii × veitchii - is a naturally-occurring hybrid that has been created by multiple nurseries over the years, including Borneo Exotics, Exotica Plants, Wistuba, Christian Klein, and others. It’s also frequently used as a parent in their complex hybrids, generally passing on its best traits to its offspring.

I grow two individuals of this cross, the largest of which is from Wistuba in Germany. As you can see from the photos, it has robust woody pitchers with ridged, candy-striped peristomes which retain their red and yellow colour as they age. Like both parent species, the pitchers last for a very long time - sometimes close to a year. My largest plant is yet to flower, so I don’t know if it’s male or female, but I look forward to making crosses with it when it does.

Many primary hybrids with N. veitchii take on a pleasing intermediate form between the two parents, and this one is no exception. The upper pitchers are reminiscent of N. lowii in shape, but with a stockier body and a broader, more colorful peristome. It’s a faster grower than either parent, a good candidate for intermediate or highland conditions, and will color up beautifully when given good light.

How I Grow It

Media Long fibre sphagnum moss, perlite, and - optionally - orchid bark (2:1:1)
Water Damp but not wet
Light Bright, indirect light - this cross does particularly well in a sunny spot.
Fertilizer Maxsea or liquid orchid feed in the pitchers, every two weeks
Temperature 12°C (54°F) minimum year-round, with summer highs of ~ 30°C (86°F)
Humidity 70% during the day, rising to over 90% at night

Learn more about cultivation with my guide to growing Nepenthes.

Day & Night Temperatures

The female parent - Nepenthes veitchii - is a widely distributed species found at elevations of between 0 and 1600 meters. The male parent - Nepenthes lowii - is a highland species found at elevations of between 1650 and 2600 meters.

On average, the hybrid N. veitchii x lowii is likely to grow best with temperatures of approximately 22 - 31°C (71 - 88°F) during the day, and 12 - 21°C (53 - 70°F) at night. This range is highlighted in purple above.

Where to Buy

Availability Not easy to find - always a popular cross.
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