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Nepenthes veitchii × platychila

Description & Care

Another cross between two Bornean natives, N. veitchii × platychila is one of my oldest plants and probably my very favorite hybrid. I originally grew it in a terrarium before I’d even started this website. This cross has been produced by both Malesiana Tropicals and Borneo Exotics, and more recently by at least two nurseries in the States. All of the offspring I’ve seen have been magnificent.

The lower pitchers, while attractive, are relatively unremarkable compared to the uppers. Much like the male parent N. platychila, the uppers have a wide, flared, striped peristome and a yellow, speckled pitcher body. But the female parent - N. veitchii - confers added size, dramatic coloration, and robust and long-lasting pitchers. My plant shown above is from the widely-available Borneo Exotics release. It’s a female and has flowered reliably for me every year since 2019.

I’ve found this cross to be extremely vigorous year-round. I now have at least 12 foot of vine snaking round my greenhouse, climbing other plants and scrambling along the hanging basket rails. It seems to grow best during the warmer time of year, similar to its parents, but this is a good candidate for both intermediate and highland setups.

How I Grow It

Media Long fibre sphagnum moss, perlite, and - optionally - orchid bark (2:1:1)
Water Damp but not wet
Light Very bright, diffused light
Fertilizer Maxsea or liquid orchid feed in the pitchers, every two weeks
Temperature 12°C (54°F) minimum year-round, with summer highs of ~ 30°C (86°F)
Humidity 70% during the day, rising to over 90% at night

Learn more about cultivation with my guide to growing Nepenthes.

Day & Night Temperatures

The female parent - Nepenthes veitchii - is a widely distributed species found at elevations of between 0 and 1600 meters. The male parent - Nepenthes platychila - is an intermediate species found at elevations of between 900 and 1400 meters.

On average, the hybrid N. veitchii x platychila is likely to grow best with temperatures of approximately 25 - 33°C (76 - 91°F) during the day, and 15 - 23°C (58 - 73°F) at night. This range is highlighted in purple above.

Where to Buy

Availability The BE release is widely available - don't miss out on it. I sometimes sell cuttings from my plant too.
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