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Nepenthes lingulata × truncata

Description & Care

Nepenthes lingulata x truncata is a stunning hybrid that combines the best of both parents. Hybrids with the small Sumatran highlander N. lingulata are quite rare - I don’t know of any other than those created by Exotica Plants in Australia. Two of their most famous creations using their female N. lingulata are hybrids with N. veitchii and N. truncata, both of which I have in my collection. I believe they’ve recently created a cross with N. edwardsiana as well.

This plant seems to inherit the exact traits you’d want in this cross: the deep purple colour, elongated pitchers, and lid appendage of N. lingulata, plus the size, vigour, and large rounded leaves of N. truncata. In my experience it’s easier to grow than either parent, and does well in intermediate conditions. The pitchers on my plant (which I bought as a cutting) are already enormous, and the plant hasn’t even reached maturity yet.

From what I’ve seen there isn’t much variation in this grex. N. lingulata colouration seems to be very dominant in its hybrids, similar to pitcher shape in N. aristolochioides hybrids.

Anyway, this is a lovely hybrid and if you manage to track down a cutting - don’t let it get away!

How I Grow It

Media Long fibre sphagnum moss, perlite, and - optionally - orchid bark (2:1:1)
Water Damp but not wet
Light Very bright, diffused light
Fertilizer Can take a lot - I fill the pitchers with Maxsea / liquid orchid feed every couple of weeks.
Temperature 12°C (54°F) minimum year-round, with summer highs of ~ 30°C (86°F)
Humidity 70% during the day, rising to over 90% at night

Learn more about cultivation with my guide to growing Nepenthes.

Day & Night Temperatures

The female parent - Nepenthes lingulata - is a highland species found at elevations of between 1700 and 2100 meters. The male parent - Nepenthes truncata - is a widely distributed species found at elevations of between 0 and 1500 meters.

On average, the hybrid N. lingulata x truncata is likely to grow best with temperatures of approximately 23 - 31°C (73 - 87°F) during the day, and 13 - 21°C (55 - 69°F) at night. This range is highlighted in purple above.

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Where to Buy

Availability Not in tissue culture, and not recreated by Exotica Plants since the original grex, so only available from cuttings. Very hard to find.
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