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I've just updated The Nepenthes Interactive Guide with a new feature: The Hybrid Calculator.

Growing Requirements of Nepenthes Hybrids

Tom Bennet
By Tom Bennet,
I've been growing a wide variety of carnivorous plants for over 2 decades. I got my first Venus flytrap at age 10 and now have an entire greenhouse full of carnivores.

I’ve just added a new feature to The Nepenthes Interactive Guide. It’s called The Hybrid Calculator.

You can use the calculator to generate an estimate of the optimum conditions for a particular hybrid. The recommendations are based on the habitats of the parent species, not simply whether they’re classed as a lowland or a highland species. To get started, just scroll to the end of the guide and enter your hybrid’s two parents.

The Nepenthes Hybrid Tool can be used to calculate the requirements of unusual crosses.
The Nepenthes Hybrid Tool can be used to calculate the requirements of unusual crosses. Test it out now.

Feedback on the guide has been great so far. I’d like to thank everyone who’s taken the time to offer their thoughts and suggestions, including Peter D’Amato & the team at California Carnivores, and Tom Pickering of the Kew Gardens tropical nursery. Very special thanks to Rob Cantley of Borneo Exotics, who suggested this new calculator feature.

If you have an idea for how the Nepenthes Interactive Guide might be improved, please do get in touch via email. I’ll continue to update this post with links to any new contributors.

Like the rest of this website, the new tool is free and was built to benefit the wider community of hobbyists, scientists, conservationists, and nursery owners with an interest in Nepenthes.

Thanks for reading!

Photo Credit: Nepenthes spectabilis x mira at Chelsea, by Borneo Exotics.

Tom Bennet
By Tom Bennet
Site Owner

I've been growing carnivorous plants for over 2 decades, having been fascinated by these plants since I got my first Venus flytrap at age 10. I now have a large greenhouse to house my collection and am an avid breeder of Nepenthes pitcher plants.

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