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Pinguicula 'Tina' butterwort. 1. Pinguicula 'Tina' butterwort, with beautiful purple flowers.

1. Pinguicula 'Tina' butterwort, with beautiful purple flowers.

Pinguicula 'Tina' butterwort

A lovely and easy-growing Mexican butterwort, Pinguicula ‘Tina’ is a hybrid between Pinguicula agnata and Pinguicula zecheri. It can get fairly large when mature, with a leafspan of over 20cm, and produces beautiful pale purple flowers. It makes a great natural pest control, being very effective at catching fungus gnats and fruit flies on its sticky leaves.

This cultivar can be grown on an east or north-facing windowsill year-round. It likes a bright position but without too much full sun, and can be sat in a shallow saucer of water throughout the growing season. Keep the plant drier in winter, reducing watering until Spring.

The plants I have for sale are healthy and established, and are sent potted in appropriate soil. See delivery information.

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