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Perlite (coarse grade). 1. Perlite.

1. Perlite.

Perlite (coarse grade)

Perlite can be added to your soil mixtures to improve drainage and aeration. It’s a lightweight, white, granular material produced by heating volcanic glass to over 1000°C. Perlite is completely inert - it’s sterile, neither alkaline nor acidic, and lasts for a very long time.

Its expanded structure means it is very porous, so it holds water as well as aiding drainage. This makes it a very useful component in carnivorous plant compost, both for temperate genera like Sarracenia (trumpet pitchers) and Dionaea (Venus flytraps), but also tropical carnivores like Nepenthes.

If you wish to mix your own soil, I also sell sphagnum moss and orchid bark. Alternatively I offer a variety of ready-made carnivorous plant composts if you want to save yourself some time.

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