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Nepenthes x ventrata pitcher plant. 1. A mature plant.

1. A mature plant.

Nepenthes x ventrata pitcher plant

Nepenthes - popularly known as ‘monkey cups’ or ‘monkey jars’ - have fascinated botanists since they were discovered by Europeans back in the 17th century. They are the only carnivorous plants known to catch rats in the wild, where their large decorative pitchers sometimes host entire ecosystems of their own.

With over 170 species and countless hybrids, collecting Nepenthes tropical pitcher plants can become a hobby in itself! Many are vigorous growers that do well as houseplants. Nepenthes ventricosa x alata - often known as N. x ventrata - is a perfect example. In fact, this is the exact plant which first got me interested in Nepenthes over 25 years ago!

Like most monkey cups, this plant likes a bright position - but avoid too much direct sun if possible. This plant benefits from occasional misting to raise humidity. Water every few days, but don’t let it stand in water. Learn more by reading my free guide on Growing Monkey Cup Plants. See delivery information.

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