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Drosera nidiformis. 1. D. nidiformis, grown by Aaron May under lights

1. D. nidiformis, grown by Aaron May under lights

Drosera nidiformis

Drosera nidiformis is a South African subtropical species which makes a great addition to any sundew collection. It forms nice clumps, pretty flowers, and is easily propagated. It benefits from regular feeding and will quickly spread throughout pots. More guidance on cultivation is available over at

Place the pot in a water tray on a sunny windowsill or in a convervatory. This plant likes a lot of light, and with a good amount of sun the leaves will develop a very attractive orange colour. Keep it well watered and it can be ground year-round indoors, since it does not need a winter dormancy.

The plants I’m selling here are healthy and established, and are sent potted in appropriate soil. See delivery information.

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