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Last week I paid another visit to Christian Klein and his fantastic carnivorous plant nursery. His plants were looking as great as ever...

My 2019 visit to Christian Klein's nursery

Tom Bennet
By Tom Bennet
Published 25 February 2019, updated
I've been growing a wide variety of carnivorous plants for over 2 decades. I got my first Venus flytrap at age 10 and now have an entire greenhouse full of carnivores.

I first visited Christian Klein’s fantastic carnivorous plant nursery back in 2017. As well as giving me a full tour of his greenhouses, Christian was kind enough to sit and chat about his experiences growing these plants for a feature which I published here on the blog. If you’re not familiar with Christian and his plants, I recommend reading that article first.

Last week I returned to Merzig and took the opportunity to visit Christian again. Despite it being so early in the season, his Nepenthes and other tropical plants were all looking great, as you’ll see below. Species and hybrid names are identified in the captions (including some very exciting crosses Christian has coming up).

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Christian was kind enough to show us round his temperate nursery too. Enormous in comparison to his tropical nursery, this is where Christian grows his Sarracenia, Dionaea, Cephalotus, temperate Drosera and Pinguicula, along with various other genera. Most plants here were still dormant, although that very morning, Christian had spotted the first flower buds emerging from his Sarracenia.

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Huge thanks to Christian for showing me round his collection.

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Thanks for reading, and happy growing!

Tom Bennet
By Tom Bennet
Site Owner

I've been growing carnivorous plants for over 2 decades, having been fascinated by these plants since I got my first Venus flytrap at age 10. I now have a large greenhouse to house my collection and am an avid breeder of Nepenthes pitcher plants.

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