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From guides and tools to interviews and plant sales, Tom’s Carnivores is the go-to resource for growers of carnivorous plants.

About Tom’s Carnivores

Hello! My name’s Tom, and I run Tom’s Carnivores here at

Whether you’re a long-time greenhouse grower or simply curious about carnivorous plants, Tom’s Carnivores has something for you. On my blog you can expect to read species profiles, grower interviews, cultivation advice, and articles documenting my visits to many world-famous nurseries, private collections, and botanic gardens.

I’ve been growing carnivorous plants for over 2 decades, having been fascinated by these plants since I got my first Venus flytrap at age 10. I now have a large greenhouse to house my personal collection. Tom’s Carnivores is my attempt to create a valuable resource for today’s growers.

Me up a ladder, pollinating Nepenthes in my greenhouse!
Me up a ladder, pollinating Nepenthes in my greenhouse!

What happened to your shop?

I used to sell a variety of carnivorous plants through my web shop. In 2023 following the birth of my second child, it became too difficult to keep up with demand. For this reason I decided to close my shop for the time being, and instead focus on continuing to build this website.

If you’re interested in supporting me, you can instead shop at my partner nurseries. Qualifying purchases earn me a small commission:

Can I subscribe?

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How can I contact you?

If you’ve got a question about the website or have an idea for a new guide, you can get in touch via email.

Please note that due to the huge volume of email I receive, I’m not always able to reply to questions about cultivation.