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Carnivorous Plant Starter Collection. 1. Typical sale plants.

1. Typical sale plants.

Carnivorous Plant Starter Collection

This collection is the perfect way to get started with carnivorous plants, and makes an ideal gift. You’ll receive three plants with similar care requirements and which together can make a very attractive display!

As well as the most famous carnivorous plant of them all - the Venus flytrap (Dionaea muscipula) - you’ll receive a sundew and a Sarracenia trumpet pitcher hybrid. Suitable plants may be substituted as required based on availability and time of year. All of these plants enjoy full sun stood in a tray of 2-3cm rainwater during the growing season. A sunny, south-facing windowsill is perfect. Over winter, keep them cooler and just damp - see my Venus flytrap care guide and Sarracenia care guide.

All plants are sent potted. See delivery information.

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