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Sarracenia 'Maroon' pitcher plant. 1. A mature specimen.

1. A mature specimen.

Sarracenia 'Maroon' pitcher plant

For sale here is the lovely hybrid Sarracenia purpurea x rubra, known by its aptly-chosen cultivar name Sarracenia ‘Maroon’. It has deep red pitchers with frilly lids, and has a lovely compact growth habit making it ideal for windowsill growing.

North American pitcher plants - or Sarracenia - have everything you could want from a plant. They are remarkably efficient flycatchers, strikingly beautiful, and easy for beginners to grow - certainly easier than the more well-known Venus flytrap! They enjoy a sunny south-facing windowsill, and should be stood in 1-2cm of distilled or rainwater throughout the growing season. You can learn more about cultivation in my free Sarracenia Growing Guide.

The plants I have for sale are healthy and established, and are sent potted in appropriate soil. See delivery information.

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