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Sarracenia hybrid Collection. 1. Typical sale plants.

1. Typical sale plants.

Sarracenia hybrid Collection

North American pitcher plants - or Sarracenia - are among the most attractive carnivorous plants. They’re also fantastic fly catchers and have simple care requirements, which makes them a must in any carnivorous collection.

You’ll receive 3 trumpet pitcher plants. The exact selection will vary depending on availability and time of year, but they’ll be similar to those shown in the picture, which are:

  • Sarracenia ‘Maroon’ (left in the photo)
  • Sarracenia ‘Judith Hindle’ (middle)
  • Sarracenia ‘Velvet’ (right)

These plants will enjoy a sunny south-facing windowsill, and should be stood in 1-2cm of distilled or rainwater throughout the growing season. You can learn more about cultivation in my free Sarracenia Growing Guide. All three will be sent potted. See delivery information.

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