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Pitcher plant (Sarracenia) seeds. 1. The Sarracenia seed kit.

1. The Sarracenia seed kit.

Pitcher plant (Sarracenia) seeds

There are 8 confirmed species of Sarracenia pitcher plants and countless hybrids, which makes Sarracenia a joy to collect. Growing from seed - particularly seed from open-pollinated flowers, as I am selling here - is a fantastic opportunity to grow your own genetically-unique hybrids. It’s also a great way to hone your cultivation skills.

Patience is required! Sarracenia take around 8 weeks to germinate, and it will be years before you have a full size fly-catcher. But this kit contains everything you need to get started: 10 seeds, appropriate soil, a pot, a humidity dome, and instructions. Alternatively if you’ve already got compost and a propagator, you can opt to order just the seeds on their own. See delivery information.

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