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Orchid bark (6-12mm grade - Portuguese). 1. Orchid bark.

1. Orchid bark.

Orchid bark (6-12mm grade - Portuguese)

Nepenthes pitcher plants enjoy a well-draining, low-nutrient, aerated soil. In my experience, most species will grow happily in any media which meets these criteria - this is one reason you’ll hear so much conflicting advice on soil. Most organic mixes typically comprise sphagnum moss mixed with varying quantities of perlite, orchid bark, kanuma, akadama, charcoal, lava rock, limestone, or rockwool.

I grow most of my plants in long fibre sphagnum moss, coarse perlite, and - when I want a lot of aggregate in the mix - orchid bark. I find a chunky orchid bark helps ensure good aeration and prevent compaction. The bags I’m selling here are a high quality Portuguese Pinus Pinaster bark of the medium 6-12mm grade.

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