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Nepenthes platychila x boschiana. 1. A pitcher on a typical sale plant.

1. A pitcher on a typical sale plant.

Nepenthes platychila x boschiana

This lovely seed-grown cross between two famous species is a great beginners plant! Please don’t overlook this item - both parents are known to produce some great hybrid offspring, and I’ve found N. boschiana crosses to be particularly vigorous and fast-growing.

These are extra-large plants (18-25cm diameter), much bigger than those I offered last year, and will sent potted in long-tom pots. The first four photos show the actual plants on offer - note the lovely variation in pitcher colouration! The final photo shows the female parent plant which was used in this cross. See delivery information.

While both parent species are intermediates, I expect this plant will grow happily in both highland and intermediate conditions. For more cultivation advice, see my Nepenthes Growing Guide.

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