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Nepenthes naga. 1. A mature specimen of this species.

1. A mature specimen of this species.

Nepenthes naga

Nepenthes naga is a striking species from the Barisan Mountains of Sumatra. It is closely related to N. bongso and N. izumiae but can be distinguished by the unusual lid appendage of this species (’naga’ is the Indonesian word for ‘dragon’, referring to its resemblance to a dragon’s tongue).

When mature, N. naga pitchers can be some of the darkest in the genus - the first photo shows a mature specimen of this species. For sale here are small seed-grown plants, 6-8cm in diameter, originally germinated from wild seed by Christian Klein. So far they appear to be true. See delivery information.

I grow this species successfully in my highland greenhouse, but it should also thrive in intermediate conditions. For more cultivation advice, see my Nepenthes Growing Guide.

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