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Nepenthes maxima ‘Wavy’ x veitchii ‘Candy’. 1. A mature specimen of this same cross grown by a friend.

1. A mature specimen of this same cross grown by a friend.

Nepenthes maxima ‘Wavy’ x veitchii ‘Candy’

An exciting recreation of N. x tiveyi, a spectacular hybrid from the Victorian era of Nepenthes horticulture. This is a seed grown cross - the mother is a wavy leaf form of Nepenthes maxima, while the pollen parent is a stunning candy striped Nepenthes veitchii.

The first photo shows an adult plant from the last time this cross was made, expertly grown by a friend of mine. As you can see, it’s inherited the stunning N. veitchii colouration and the distinctive pitcher shape and undulating leaves of the female N. maxima parent. These plants are seed-grown hybrids, so expect some exciting variation between individuals - this is a great opportunity to own a unique specimen!

These are small plants (5-7cm diameter), sent potted. See delivery information. I expect this to be a tolerant and easy-growing cross. I’ve grown this plant successfully in both highland and warmer intermediate conditions. For more cultivation advice, see my Nepenthes Growing Guide.

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