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Nepenthes hybrid Collection. 1. Typical sale plants.

1. Typical sale plants.

Nepenthes hybrid Collection

Whether you’re an avid Nepenthes grower or new to the hobby, this is a great way to expand your collection. You’ll receive three small but established tropical pitcher plants with the same care requirements. These plants make a great and unusual gift, and together make an extremely eye-catching display.

This collection includes N. ‘Gaya’ with large, red and yellow speckled pitchers, the incredibly vigorous N. ventricosa x lowii ‘red’, and - my favourite of the selection - one N. ‘Bloody Mary’, with vibrant red pitchers and a nice bushy growth habit.

All three like a bright position, but without too much direct sunlight. High humidity is ideal to encourage pitcher growth, and keep the soil just damp rather than wet. Check out my free guide Caring for Tropical Pitcher Plants to learn more. See delivery information.

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