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Nepenthes 'Gaya' pitcher plant. 1. Bright red pitchers on a mature Nepenthes 'Gaya'.

1. Bright red pitchers on a mature Nepenthes 'Gaya'.

Nepenthes 'Gaya' pitcher plant

This cultivar is a piece of Nepenthes history! It was originally bred by legendary grower Sam Estes at his nursery Leilani in Hawaii in 2004, and today it’s one of the most widely-grown tropical pitcher plants in cultivation. It has very attractive red and yellow speckled pitchers which grow to around 15cm when fully mature, and a lovely bushy growth habit.

Nepenthes gaya is technically N. khasiana x (ventricosa x maxima), and I’ve found it to be highly adaptable. It grows well as a houseplant, and tolerates lower humidity better than some other hybrids - I’d suggest a bright position with partial sun. Learn more by reading my free guide on Caring for Tropical Pitcher Plants.

This plant is sent potted in appropriate soil. See delivery information.

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