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Drosera capensis (the Cape sundew). 1. The typical form of the Cape Sundew

1. The typical form of the Cape Sundew

Drosera capensis (the Cape sundew)

The Cape Sundew is probably the most widely grown sundew in cultivation, and also one of the most magnificent. Its long green leaves are covered with tentacles that glisten with sticky glue. Upon catching a fly, the leaves will curl quite dramatically around their prey making this an excellent plant for children! It’s also very good at catching mosquitoes and midges.

Drosera capensis is easy to care for. Sit the pot in a tray of water on a sunny windowsill or in a convervatory, and keep the plant well watered. It can be grown indoors year-round and does not require a winter dormancy - if temperatures get too cold, it will simply hibernate.

I have for sale the typical form (green with red gland stalks), the white form (known as ‘alba’), and the all-red form. Any combination makes a great display! Both are sent potted in appropriate soil. See delivery information.

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