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Drosera aliciae (the Alice sundew). 1. A typical sale plant.

1. A typical sale plant.

Drosera aliciae (the Alice sundew)

Drosera aliciae - also known as Princess Alice’s sundew - is a beautiful rosetted sundew from South Africa. It’s a neat, compact plant with very easy care requirements, and for that reason is one of the very best carnivorous plants for beginners.

Simply place the pot in a tray of water on a sunny windowsill or in a convervatory. Keep the sundew well watered and it can be ground year-round indoors, since it does not require a winter dormancy. It will produce pink flowers in Spring. In good light, the leaves develop stunning red and orange colouration!

The plants I’m selling here are healthy and established, and are sent potted in appropriate soil. See delivery information.

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