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Argentinian Dried Sphagnum Moss. 1. Dried sphagnum moss bag.

1. Dried sphagnum moss bag.

Argentinian Dried Sphagnum Moss

This is a high quality dried sphagnum moss from Patagonia, Argentina. It’s sustainably sourced, and gamma radiated to ensure it’s completely sterile and free of seeds or spores. It’s less heavily compressed than the New Zealand dried sphagnum and has shorter strands, making this a highly economical alternative to the more popular brands.

I’ve found this to be a great medium for sowing seeds and for growing Dionaea and Utricularia, which can easily become swamped when using live moss. It can also be combined with perlite to make an excellent airy Nepenthes compost that holds huge amounts of moisture. Some growers have also had great success using this moss as a replacement for peat.

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